Sammaan Fabrics Chooses Mussoorie for Silver Jubliee Celebrations with Dealers

Panchhi Events managed the silver jubilee celebration of Sammaan Fabrics from Nov 17 to 19, where the company invited all their dealers and agents together with their families to Mussoorie. Hosted at the JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove and Spa, the three-day event was packed with activities and engagements, and included a Sufi Night, an Awards Night and a Bollywood Night. The event also witnessed the launch of the company’s new catalogue as well as two new clothing brands, Linnoworld and Samcott. Around 75 dealers and agents across India, as well as from Dubai and Canada attended.

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The agency is empanelled with JW Marriott Mussoorie, and comes on board to manage all events organised at the venue, including weddings, corporate parties, etc.

Commenting on the success of the event, Rishabh Panchhi, Director, Panchhi Events said, “The client got very emotional during the course of the three days, especially during the Awards Night. Since this is a family-owned company, the celebration of the silver jubilee was a momentous event for the owners, who were very happy with everything organised for the occasion”.

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Panchhi Events was responsible for planning interesting engagements and ensuring that all those who attended were treated excellently and had a great time. Star treatment was provided and customised at the hotel, where names were printed on cards and other accessories were provided. Live lounge music was specially organised for the group. The same day, the group went trekking, and later returned to a Sufi Night featuring the Soulful Raaga Band. On the second day, the group was taken to Mussoorie Mall Road, where they could shop and see the place. On their return, the women were given a spa treatment, following which a show was put up for their benefit, featuring a series of dance traditional dance performances. In the meanwhile the men were kept entertained in a different room, where they could play games like snooker and relax. Later, a game of musical chairs was organised for everyone. The highlight of the day was the Awards Night, the main event of the trip. The entire setup for the awards show as well as the giving out of awards was based on the theme of cricket. So winners were titled ‘man of the match’, ‘man of the series’, and so on. Various dance troupes performed in between the handing out of awards. The Awards were followed by a party hosted by a VJ, which went on till 3 in the morning. The next morning, a cricket match took place with the goal of allowing all participants to bond and have a good time. This was followed by an open terrace farmhouse lunch, and later that evening a Tambola session. Finally, a Bollywood themed night took place, which saw a local band from Dehradun perform, while an anchor kept the guests entertained throughout with around 7-8 themed activities. This ended with a DJ party.

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