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Team Panchhi Events

shashi mohan panchhi

Chief Executive Officer

Shashi is a former percussionist, and started his first band in 1979 and claims to know enough musicians to fill a stadium.

He knows when the speaker is placed 2 degrees odd and when the amplifier needs a wash. His keen sense for music and sound, and decades of experience give him the edge that every sound installation requires.

Shashi works harder than any musician we know, to deliver high quality customer service.


Director - Special Projects

Amit is a true survivor. While his entire batch from school did the typical doctor / engineer / army drill, he fought his battles with the world at large and became a full time musician.

His journey has taken him to Bombay as Viju Shah’s assistant, through a maze of albums, studios, near bankruptcy, much acclaim and a lot of music.

Amit is a diehard RD fan and believes that RD will soon be reborn; and only Amit will know when that happens.

He drinks, smokes, eats and sleeps music.

Rishabh Panchhi

Director Operations

A commercial pilot yet a musician from heart. His passion towards flying Aircrafts took him places but Dehradun was never far.

His "something big to do in life" attitude made him create new ideas in events and other event properties.

After being nearly out of Dehradun for 10 years he finally decided to come home.

With some of the most creative events in town, for celebrities and known faces in the world. Today, he is on the rail track which doesn't have a station.

For him events can be created out of anything and today its his life.