200 year celebrations of the Gorkhali Regiment

Panchhi events, an event company based out of Dehradun recently executed the 200 year celebrations of the Gorkhali regiment in the Indian Army. Being a 4 day event, Panchhi events was shouldered the responsibility of to create something spectacular for over 10,000 in attendance while taking good care of security at the same time as the likes of CM of Uttarakhand and CM of  Sikkim were also to be present at the event.


The event company rose to the challenge by conceptualizing and creating 3 light and sound shows for the audience in 3 different languages of Nepali, Hindi and English all played once on all the four days of the event. These light and sound shows demonstrated the history of the regiment in the army and instilled a spirit of nostalgia and pride amongst all the attendees.

The main challenge for Panchhi events while executing the event was to engage the crowd in such large numbers. Speaking on how they overcame this hurdle, Rishabh Panchhi of Panchhi events said, “As the audience was also Gorkhali’s, we planned a lot of Gorkhali cultural programs which featured artists from all over the state and also included the special Kukhri Dance which is very popular for them. To further keep the audience engaged with the overall theme of the celebrations we also created a special film on the Journey of 200 years of the regiment.”


Elucidating on the reaction of the audiences from the event Rishabh adds, “The attendees were became very emotional after knowing the journey of their regiment. They had no clue how much their soldiers have put in for the country. Though all 4 days of the event we were able to keep the attendees engrossed through elements like dances, live band performances etc. and they really enjoyed themselves.”

Original Story :  Everything Experiential